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Covenants and Restrictions > Improvements > Deed restrictions > Mailboxes > Fences > Grass types & lawn maintenance > New house landscaping > Assessments > Vehicle type restrictions / Parking on property

Covenants and Restrictions

1 - Improvements - Architectural Review

All improvements at the Fountains at Golf Park must be reviewed and approved by the Architectural Review Board.
For more information, please contact Al at (305) 577-9709.


2 - Deed Restrictions

To ensure a high quality of life and to safeguard your investment, Fountains at Golf Park is a deed-restricted community with its own homeowners’ association.

Click here to view a PDF copy the deed restrictions
Click here for a PDF copy of the RECORDED deed restrictions
(4.3 MB PDF)

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3 - Mailboxes

As per paragraph 10.0 of the deed restrictions of The Fountains at Golf Park the Developer (Golf Park L.C.) specifies the following two mailbox options to be installed in all Fountains at Golf Park houses. Any other choices must have Plan Review Committee (PRC) written approval before installation.

Option 1:
“Black cast aluminum Mailbox as designed by Metalcraft Industries, Inc. and negotiated at the following prices for installation in Fountains at Golf Park houses.”

Single Mailbox Price: $250.00 (includes address numbers)
Optional Installation: $75.00

Mailbox Includes:
3" x 6' Round Fluted Aluminum Pole
Extruded Aluminum Mailbox
Cast Aluminum Europa Base
Cast Aluminum Scroll
Cast Olympic Finial
Color: Powder Coated TGIC Polyester Satin Black, Finial Gold

Ordering Info:
Please call 352-680-3555, ask for Steve or Robin.
Indicate Subdivision with address and lot number if possible.
Installation, please allow 2-3 days from date of order.
Customer Pick-Up: Please allow 1 day for numbering.
Payment: all major credit cards accepted, check, cash.

For additional questions contact:
Steve Fletcher
Metalcraft Industries, Inc.
120 Cypress Road
Ocala, FL 34472
352-680-3555 Telephone 888-242-0652 Fax


Option 2:
Black aluminum Mailbox as designed by Olde Town Collection at the negotiated prices for Fountains at Golf Park houses: \

Retail: $256.00
Fountains Residents: $199.50

Model #: CAR100BO


Shores Hardware Center
9594 SE Maricamp Rd
Ocala, FL 34472
Ask for: Steve Perleto

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4 - Fences

For details regarding restrictions please refer to Paragraph 5.15 of the recorded restrictions.

  • Fence height shall be limited to four (4) feet.
  • All fencing must be approved by the Plan Review Committee (PRC).
  • The erection of any unapproved fencing is strictly prohibited and owners will be subject to Covenant Violation Procedures.
  • Fencing shall only be located in the rear yard of each Lot.
  •  Fencing may not be painted or altered in appearance without written PRC approval.
  • Fencing may start (the largest width allowed) within 6 feet from the back corners of the house, widening to the side border (within 6 inches) lines from the house walls on both sides and extending to the back property line of the lot.
  • Fencing should be emplaced within 6 inches from any lot’s side lines.
  • Lot Owners must maintain their fencing in a very good condition and if possible, by using landscaping to blend the fencing into the landscaping.
  •  If the quality of the fence deteriorates, then the Association shall follow Covenant Violation Procedures and take action on the Lot Owner.

The following fence types are approved for installation on a Lot:

  • Decorative iron or aluminum rod (white or black) (Front and/or side and/or back)
  • Black vinyl coated chain link (Side and/or back only)
  • Privacy fencing is only permitted around the pool area, up to six (6) feet in height

Fencing Example:

*This sketch is an example only

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5 - Grass types & lawn maintenance
(Please refer to Paragraph 5.13 of the recorded restrictions)

SODDING AND GRASSING AND LANDSCAPING: All disturbed front, side, and rear yards must be sodded with St. Augustine or better type of grass upon completion of a Dwelling and prior to occupancy of any Dwelling. Owners shall maintain their lawns mowed, attractive and in esthetic manners. All hedges must be neatly trimmed.

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6 - New House landscaping
(Please refer to Paragraph 5.13 of the recorded restrictions)

A landscaping package of a minimum of $2,500, including a minimum of three (3), thirty (30) gallon trees, shall be installed on every Lot on which a Dwelling is built. Landscaping shall be completed before the issuance of a certificate of occupancy.

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7 - Assessments
(Please refer to Paragraph 3 of the recorded restrictions)

ASSESSMENTS: Each Owner and each subsequent Owner shall pay a one-time Association Membership initiation fee of $100.00 at the time of closing of their Lot . Each Owner shall pay annual Lot Assessments, which will include the costs of maintenance of Common Area(s). Initial annual Assessments shall be $600.00 per Lot , per year, payable annually in advance due January 1st of each year and past due on February 1st of each year. The Declarant shall not be required to pay annual or any other Lot Assessments, but will be required to pay costs necessary to maintain the Property until such time as sufficient Lots are sold to make the Association self-sustaining.

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8 - Vehicle type restrictions / Parking on property
(Please refer to Paragraph 5.21 of the recorded restrictions)

DIRT TRACKS; “All Terrain Vehicles” (ATVs): No dirt tracks shall be made or otherwise constructed on any Lot. Race ATVs, motorbikes or similar vehicles shall not be operated in the subdivision in such a way as to cause a nuisance in or disturbance to the subdivision.

No motorcycle, boat, trailer, camper, travel trailer, recreational vehicle, mobile home, or other powered on non-powered vehicle other than a private passenger vehicle shall be parked or maintained on any Lot(s) or public right-of-way except in an enclosed garage.

No commercial vehicle of any kind shall be permitted on any Lots at any time EXCEPT for vehicles owned by Lot Owners not exceeding one (1) ton and except for vendors providing temporary services to a Lot(s) .

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9 -Collection Policy

Assessments have been changed to Quarterly for Fountains at Golf Park Inc. The fiscal year is from January 1 to December 31, assessments are due January 1st, April 1st, July 1st, and October 1st. The Board is responsible for preparing the annual budget and must notify members at least 30 days prior to the Annual Meeting of Members when assessments will be considered. The budget is effective when the members adopt the budget by a majority vote of the quorum at the annual meeting of members.
Note: While the quorum for voting on the budget, per the Fountains at Golf Park Inc. covenants and restrictions, is the majority of 54 properties, or 28, the Florida statutes require that a quorum be only 30% of properties, or 17 members or proxies. (Citation: FS 720.306 (1)(a) states: “Unless a lower number is provided…quorum…shall be 30%”, which if it is disclosed in the notice to the members that this will be the percentage that will constitute the quorum, then the Association can use the state statute figure to establish the quorum.” ) 
The adoption of the budget for the new fiscal year shall be completed at least 60 days in advance of the new year. The coupons for the assessment shall be mailed to all owners of record no later than 30 days prior to January 1 for the year.

Any Assessment not paid within ten (10) days after the due date shall be delinquent and the Association may charge the defaulting Owner a late fee that is no more than five (5%) percent of the amount of the Assessment, or twenty-five ($25) dollars, whichever is greater, in accordance with Florida Statutes. The Association may also charge the defaulting Owner interest (18% per annum/ 1 ½ % per month) on the past due balance.

Requests for an extended payment agreement must be made in writing and the resulting agreement must be approved by the Board. Members in default of approved payment agreements will revert to the collection schedule outlined below without further notice.


On the FIFTEENTH (15th) day past the due date of the 1st, the management company will send a Late Letter to every member who has not paid their current annual assessment. Included in the past due assessment will be the $25.00 late fee and the applicable interest.

On the THIRTIETH (30th) day past due, the management company will send an Intent to Lien Notice (ITL) to every member who has not paid the assessment due as well as the interest and late fees that have accrued. This letter will notify the owner that they have forty-five (45) days from the date of the Intent to Lien Notice to pay the debt noted in full, or a Claim Of Lien will be filed against the lot(s) and a filing charge of $20.00 will be assessed to the member’s account for the ITL notification. This notice is in compliance with Florida Statute 720 as it pertains to specific notice and contains the language required under the Fair Debt Collection Act.

On the SEVENTY FIFTH (75th) day past due, if the owner has not paid, nor contacted the Association to either contest the charge or request a payment agreement, the Association will cause a Lien to be filed for the unpaid assessments and all interest owing and any charges of collection due, and a filing charge of $105.00 will be assessed to the member’s account for the Lien.

Payment Agreement: The Board would authorize the Community Manager to enter into an agreement (in writing) between the Association and the member for a period of payment not to exceed 60 days. Agreement would be for full balance due, including interest and any charges for the collection notices sent to date. Payment would be calculated for specific days. Should payment not be made as promised, Payment Agreement becomes null and void, and collection action will progress as outlined in the collection Policy. Community Manager would notify Board of acceptance of agreement and keep them apprised on progress at regular monthly Board meetings as part of Manager’s Report.

Once the Claim of Lien has been filed and has been in place for 45 days, the Association will forward the Collection Action to the Association legal counsel to pursue one of the following options:
1) Foreclose the Claim of Lien (i.e., foreclose on the property in order to collect the unpaid amounts)
2) Proceed with a “writ of judgment” to garnish the Unit Owner’s Wages, rental income or savings

These actions may not take place without the Association Attorney first providing the Owner of Record a notice of the Association’s intentions. The owner has up to forty-five (45) days to correspond with the Association’s Attorney for settlement arrangements. The owner will also incur charges for Association legal fees. Any payments received will be applied in this order to: Interest, Late Fee, Attorney Fees and then the 1st past due Assessment.

The timeline in days shall look like the following:

Installment Process & Timeline
1st of the Month   Installment Payment of Annual Assessment due
15th of the Month Late Letters mailed + Late Fee + Interest
30th of the Month  Intent to Lien Letter sent + $20 Filing Charge
15th of third Month File Claim of Lien + $105 Filing Charge
30th of fourth Month Send to Legal Counsel

The above resolution has been approved at a regular Board of Directors meeting on 3/19/2009 where a quorum was present.

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